Ever caught yourself looking at a child’s eyelashes and wishing yours had the curl, bounce and youthfulness that theirs have? The mysterious function of eyelashes has been revealed at last -thanks to science.

The eyes receive greater attention than any other feature of the face and provide cues that influence attraction during social interactions.

Dilated pupils indicate emotional arousal and are rated more attractive by males and females. More recent research, however, points toward the notion that long eyelashes are valuable for the illusion they create of wide, gazing eyes. Throughout the 20th century, studies by behavioural scientists found that neonates in a wide range of species share such features as large eyes and forehead, and these features seemed to elicit protecting and caretaking responses from adults. Similarly, babyish features in adults — such as wide, round eyes, as well as high eyebrows and small chins — have been found to awaken affectionate and benevolent feelings in other adults.

Other scientists have found eyelashes particularly darkened ones, perhaps with eyelash enhancers like mascara and Eyelash Growth solutions help emphasises the sclera (the whites of the eyes, the brightness of which can indicate health and youth) and the limbal ring (the dark ring around the iris of the eye). A dark limbal ring is often associated with facial attractiveness, likely for evolutionary psychology reasons: Research has shown that limbal rings are most prominent during some of our most fertile years. They begin to recede and fade in the late 20s and further decline due to age-related health conditions, such as glaucoma.

It may sound a little flamboyant, but it is true. Longer eyelashes play a vital role in boosting your self-confidence. Whether you grow eyelashes to longer lengths or you are a naturally gifted beauty, in either case, they make you subconsciously aware of the fact that you look healthier and more feminine.